Heres’ my off-the-cuff response to someone who is, I thought until now, on the same side as me. Even after I sent the e-mail I would have put us on the same side but as I thought about the basic principles that define people and movements, I realized how deep the Left has penetrated into Liberty. ________________________________________________

Obamacare does far more harm to rich and it also greatly hurts the poor. It hurts the rich more because they are forced to pay for it out of proportion to their benefit but the harm to the poor is harder to explain not because it’s difficult but because helping the poor is almost in our genes. The deep acceptance of values that are fundamental to Socialism are why many people support Obamacare.

Yes, the word “welfare” is used in the Constitution but government was given only limited powers so providing “for the general welfare” did not give much of toolbox to provide money while not working; to give away free cell phones; free homes to the poor, food stamps and retirement plans. The Regulation of Commerce and the General Welfare Clauses are how the Democrats and the Republicans are able to support Socialism and all of the total control programs of government at all levels. The answer to Obamacare is medical insurance but because government regulates all of medicine including Medical Insurance, the cost has been driven out of reach as it has on too many things. Nevertheless, low-cost private medical insurance would solve most medical cost arguments which is why Obamacare is designed to eliminate most private insurance plans. 

And most doctors are Democrats, as are most college grads. The longer people are exposed to the Left-Wing Professors, the more Liberal those students become. Most PhD’s are extremely Liberal. So are Priests. They have the equivalent of a PhD. in Theology.

Conservatives and Liberals as well as many Republicans and Democrats are in agreement that the government is the provider of last resort which is why welfare and regulation continue to have such broad support. That’s the basis for the argument that some help for the poor does not violate the Constitution. It does violate it because government was never given the power to help. Government is about force, control and justice. The fact that justice helps everyone is not why government is in charge of justice. Justice is needed to protect the individual, from government and from other people. The powers for welfare and to control ccommerce was not given to government but most people no longer accept the limits of the Constitution. They like the perceived benefits so they support the whole illicit set of freedom-restricting government activities. Chipping away at Socialism doesn’t work. The Socialists, which term sweeps up most Americans, are well-trained and adept at winning arguments against Capitalism while defending, supporting and growing Socialism. Trying to win by chipping away helps them grow faster than the opposition can stop. No one ever crossed a big ditch in two steps.  

Same for the justification that Christians and Jews have a bible-based duty to help their brothers and sisters. They do but they are not justified in using force to do it which means they are bihble-restricted from using government as a proxy to do it for them. The Constitution purposely stayed away from religion in government because of the great dangers they had caused to Liberty. That’s Capital L, – meaning Liberty as the sum of all rights and freedoms. The government as we agree, does not grant Rights. Rights are based on “The Nature Of The Individual”, not the bible and definately not religion which is based on intellectual control. The word God in not in either of the founding documents, only the word Creator and that’s only used once. I know about these things as a result of attending Catholic Schools for 16  years. I had to learn about Capitalism, Virtues and Values after those 16 years.

America was mostlya nation of Christians when it was founded and the Founders knew the dangers of both government and religion. They kept the government away from religion on purpose but the Religious Right mixed them together to the detriment of Liberty. Even the bible knew about and warned about the impossibility of serving two masters – so mixing religion into government and into politics has turned the Left against the Right against Capitalism and is responsible for the election of Barack Obama. For an example of the folly of mixing of religion and government see the Middle East. Like mixing good and evil. Only evil benefits. The way to fight evil is not to dialog with it but to destroy it. 

Whether one accepts Nature or God as their Creator is not material to the existence of rights. Liberty, – I mean Individual Liberty –  is a key difference between America and every other culture on earth and I’ve been to 91 countries so I know better than most people the differences. I’ve seen them and worked under them. I have a visceral hatred for Socialism in any and all forms because I’ve seen how it works to diminish individuals while parading in most every case as the helper of the people. All the Communist revolutions were based on Socialism. And I admit my antenna are able to pick up the anti-America signals better than almost everyone, even the people at Fox, probably with the exception of Greg Gutfield who has the best mind of all them at Fox.

And Jefferson wrote: History I believe furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government.” Jefferson coined the phrase Separation of Church and State. He was a devoted Deist, a form of Christianity who wrote his own set of Christian Principles based on the teachings of Jesus. The point is he was very religious, knew the dangers of religions and did his best to keep religion out of government.   

The arguments of the Left that are skewed toward Socialism are many and varied and are usually better accepted by the people. That’s because Democrats know the power of the welfare and commerce clauses which avoid the enumerated power section of the Constitution. Obamacare violates the Constitution because Obama claims, wrongly, he is not limited by it. He said he is not bound by the Constitution so it should be no surprise that he is governing from the far left. The quote from him about his disrespect for the Constitutional limits to his powers is at:

We’re in agreement on so many things that it’s a bit difficult to write this to XXXX and to you. The foregoing is deeper than I usually go in explaining some ideas but Liberty is fragile, – it has been eroding in America and it’s under attack from many other cultures so in the name of defending Liberty, Individual Rights and America, I press on.

Hope life continues to treat you well,

Bill O’Neill

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