Check out the “Vision” statement in the Bucks County Comprehensive Plan for 2012. A huge plan with no improvements planned for the crowded roads. Not so much as one lousy road widening. That’s the stealthy aspect of Agenda 21. None of the plans say anything about Agenda 21 so everyone involved can lie by silence about it. Nothing about ICLEI of the United Nations either. But the jargon is pure RIO + 20. All about sustainability, as if there is anything sustainable in the universe.

Sustainability is about the bike path’s and the walking trails as though people can walk to the store to get groceries. Americans need cars. Americans love machinery, real things like stores and food and restaurants. Nothing like that is ever in the Bucks County Plan. But the phony fixation with bikes and walking will make your life and mine harder, shorter and more painful as bikes run off the bike paths and crash into the trees. As though you can go to a Christmas party and simply walk four hours to travel the ten miles back home. Agenda 21 is kept quiet because the Deep Environmentalists know it’s unpopular. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s well known by friends and foes.

the good news, the really great news is that it’s easy to stop this nonsense. After they write their mythological plans for a dystopian future just ask them at a public meeting if their plans will be on the ballot so people can have their say or will it be rammed into us under a disguised name like “Smart Growth”?

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