This is not Democrat or Republican issue but a citizens issue.

There was a “Public Meeting” sort of, to get the “opinions of the residents” but it was one of those “Rigged Outcome” meetings like government usually tries to hold and use the public to cover up their hidden agenda. What’s the evidence they’re hiding their plans? One clue was the large posters that showed up that did not come from the residents.

The meeting wasn’t televised and there’s no report on the township’s public website but a sort of report is here. 

Pelligrino has consistently refused to discuss the real problem of Holland, “THE BRIDGE”. In the article above he’s ready to spend $600,000 in Northampton taxes to widen the shoulder on Buck Road but he refuses to try to remove the lane restrictors on the bridge and make it 3 lanes which it should be. Pellegrino said. “I would say forget about the bridge widening because it’s never going to happen in our lifetime.” He want’s to forget about the bridge which is the biggest problem in Holland, why?

I would say “Fix the Bridge” before wasting any more time, effort, design or money to Pay the County Planning Commission for Planning for things that will make “Downtown Holland” even less attractive than it is because of the traffic problems because the bridge is a choke point for 30,000 cars a day. Pelligrino needs to get to work and stop being so negative.

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