He’s using the U.N to ban guns in America in violation of the Second Amendment. Obama is so cunning. He knows he cannot ban guns in America so he’s getting the U.N. to do it.

 The day after his re-election the U.N. voted to re-open the Small Arms Treaty.  Usually a treaty does not supersede the Constitution, but….. If a Treaty is approved by the Senate it would be used as though it was a law and enforced as though it were an actual law. To get the treaty annulled a person or group would have to sue the President, win the case in court, which could take 10 years and by then so many guns would be affected that the effect of the treaty, even though in violation of American laws, would have been effective to ban guns. 

So the U.N. treaty can be approved by the Democratic Party aka. The Senate and the Presiden could enforce it as though it was a legitimate law.  A de facto repeal of the Second Amendment.

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