The Newly formed Northampton Citizens To Prevent Redevelopement Abuse – NCPRA, called parking in Richboro and Holland “a disaster”. A spokesperson for the Northampton Township group who insisted on anonymity because of threats said: “Northampton has not been friendly to business for the past 200 years so parking has become a real problem that has stifled businesses, forced customers into other shopping areas and lost township jobs.”

Northampton Township is a suburban community that has crowded non-government businesses into two small strip malls in Holland and one shopping area in Richboro. Parking is limited at the three locations. NCPRA is calling for Parking Garages, mostly underground to encourage shoppers to shop local and spend local. Northampton recently held a”Holland Planning Meeting” that had a predetermined list of options. The supposed community plan was actually pre-prepared by the 42 member Bucks County Planning Commission, none of whom live in Holland or Northampton. It’s a rigged game when the county gets involved locally and you can bet the ranch the plans will not be put on the ballot or subject to a vote. The Bucks Planners are controlled by whom? Not the residents of Holland or Richboro.

The Township itself has a few buildings with plenty of parking on a wide boulavard constructed with massive borrowing. There are expensive lampposts with shades over the lights but no utility towers, overhead wires, cables or treansformers on the township owned avenue, utilities having been put underground which greatly enhances the view and the streetscape. But the township constructed one of “the ugliest cell towers in Pennsylvania” at the edge of the government area where it intrudes on the bucolic Richboro area. Richboro has some of the most offensive utility towers running along the shopping area, often on both sides of the street.

Customers are funnelled into crowded parking lots constructed along the lines when people travelled by horses. “Richboro was uglified because past governments didn’t have to worry about getting re-elected” said the frightened spokesperson for NCPRA. The present Board of Supervisors only recently caught up to the 19th centuy by electing the first female Chairperson. Traffic is the biggest problem in both Holland and Richboro where over-crowded two lane roads force travellers to waste fuel and time in long traffic que’s twice a day. Parking garages in Holland and Richboro would free people who sometimes use their bicycles or walk because of inadaquate planning for automobiles. Think two horses travelingside by side along the path taken by Washington’s army on the way to the Battle of Trenton. That’s how archaic the planning has been, or more accurately the lack of planning has been for both Richboro and Holland. The situation becomes worse every day as harassed drivers sit and fume in traffic which is why some have abandoned their machines in favor of walking or bicycles. What’s next, horses?

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