Now that the economy is the worst in three years and Obama has emptied the Treasury with his race-based programs the Democrats are saying: “it’s the best looking contraction you’ll ever see”. They say that to cover Obama’s Financial Illiteracy. He’s a Community Agitator. What he does best and practically all he can do it whip up resentment among the races, classes and genders not only in America but at the United Nations where he told one of history’s biggest whoppers. Obama tells more Whoppers than Burger King sells sandwiches. He presided over the worst political spending spree to buy votes in history, at least in American history. Obama learned Ant-America history in Indonesia where he lived on grant money. That’s how he paid for his colleges in America, by claiming to be Kenyan because his father was and black because that’s how he saw himself. Whoppers.

Then Obama worked the streets of Chicago where he learned Community Agitation, how to rub salt in mis-perceived wounds by telling more whoppers and falsely, claiming America was founded on slavery when he knows very well that more white people died freeing blacks in the Civil War. Now Obama and his friends preach about and act against the alleged evils of the white race when he should be grateful for the dead white people who fought, died and won freedom for blacks. The civil war claimed almost a million dead or wounded, the largest number of war dead in America’s history, a war fought to free what has devolved into a dependent over-hanging class of low information angry black people. Unfortunately, Obama is in that class. Not only ungrateful for the golden history of Liberty into which he was born, a culture where dissenters like his mother and her parents who were long time anti-American activists could thrive and prosper despite wrong ideas about America. Obama’s mother fled America because of her dislike for it. How unfitting to her anti-American bones her son is one of the most popular figures in America. Popularity however is fleeting as we learned from “Sic Transit Gloria”.

Obama’s Anti-American values propelled him to the United Nations where he has worked against the birth country of his mother and two of his grandparents. His father and his fathers parents hated The West so much their decendent openly insulted the British many times as President.

So it is expected Obama’s Economic, Business and Financial calculations are ill-advised and mis-informed. Obama’s ideas support foreign nations more than America. A weakened American currency helps China sell more to America and simultaneously prevents the Chinese from buying American because the prices are too high. A double whammy by Obama, a fitting parallel with the double whoppers he tells.

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