Obama & Morgan are trying so hard to do the impossible, eliminate massacres by grabbing the guns. Obama is the current gun grabber. Mrs. Brady and her gun grabbers came before him. Their bans against assault weapons, bullets, high capacity magazines and legal commerce in guns didn’t affect the murder rates in various places in America. Neither did their “Gun-Free Zones”. Gun Free Zones actually helped the killer at the massacre of the innocent children at the Sandy Hook school. What if a security guard had one gun?

Even our police are not allowed in a polling place with a gun so polling places are some of the most dangerous places.

The forced isolation of children in gun-free zones provided long periods for mass murders who invented a new sport for mass murderers; a sport that was not available before the innocent were purposely rendered defenseless. Hope the murders among us don’t know that every polling place in America is also a gun free zone. The police cannot even protect themselves, let alone the defenseless voters.

Back to Piers, a dedicated ‘fraidy-cat ‘oo listens to the bats in the back of his head. Morgan want’s Americans to surrender their freedom like his English countrymen and women did. There are no private assault weapons in England but there are murders.

London is the home of a famous mass murderer who didn’t use a gun at all. Jack the Ripper. He simply waited until night and murdered loads of people by ripping, …  well he killed them without a gun. Piers cannot figure this out. In every age and every place there are evil people who are dedicated to killing other people. Not having guns because they were banned made the English Bobbies, their quaint name for the police vulnerable. Criminals used illegal guns to kill the Bobbies so the bobbies were given permission to keep and bear pistols.

Obama is certainly against machine guns in the home even though the evidence in favor of private assault weapons in the home prevents many murders, as is proven in Switzerland where even Nazi Germany would not invade because every citizen loved their country, had an assault weapon in their home and knew how to use it. Americans won their Liberty from Piers ancestors because citizens had, kept, carried and used their assault weapons against the English at places like Lexington, Concord, Washington Crossing, Valley Forge, and Yorktown where the outgunned, out numbered citizens fought against British Tyranny and won. Piers Morgan, Obama, Hillary and the entire United Nations need to learn what General Washington, Jefferson and the other glorious revolutionaries bestowed on the United States of America, Freedom and the means to defend it. What is being tested by the likes of Obama, Hillary and Feinstein is America’s will to keep it. Freedom was born here with the Declaration of Independence. Don’t let it die here. Fight to keep and bear arms.

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