The murder rate in Switzerland is lower than the United States but machine guns are legal in Switzerland. Machine guns are assault weapons and in Switzerland they are kept in the homes of the citizens who own them. Based on that keeping an assault weapon in the home prevents many murders.

The murder rate in Mexico is higher that the United States but there are few legal guns in Mexico. Based on that having a gun prevents many murders.

The murder rate in all European countries is lower than the murder rate in South America and Africa. Why? Guns are prohibited or highly regulated in Europe and Africa yet the murder rates are wildly worse in Africa. Why? Ann Coulter would argue demographics should be considered in the murder by gun debate. the murder rates in: Camden NJ, (72% non-white, murder rate 46 per 100K, ten times higher than the rest of NJ), Baltimore MD (70% non-white, murder rate 31 per 100K) South LA (99% non-white where the murder rate is so high it’s been the focus of many books, songs, plays and movies), Philadelphia PA, (61% non-white, murder rate 21 per 100k), Detroit (89% non-white, murder rate 60 per 100K) are much, much higher than in America overall. 

So here’s the message for Diane Feinstein. Get the illegal guns out of South LA. Same for the illegal guns in camden, Detroit and Philly, Get the illegal guns and the murder rates will decrease. Stop penalizing the innocent because of the guilty. Go get the guilty. then you can do the right thing, what should have been done all along, protect the innocent. Leave us alone.

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