The scam of government is to “get public participation” in this case to “plan” for Holland. But it was a phoney meeting run by the Master Meeting Manipulators of Bucks County to score some Federal or State Grant Money. The scam needed the illusion of a “Public Meeting” so the Washibgton Money-bags who give money to political cronies of both parties could lie and say “this is what the citizens of Holland told us they wanted.” Nonsense. The outcome of the “Planning Session”¬†was known in advance by the shills in the audience and citizens were manipulated into appearing to support the results. What the people said was “written down” then thrown into the trash. That’s how government gets the¬†appearance of public support for whatever the politicians want.

Look. If the politicians want to see what the citizens of Holland want, “PUT IT ON THE BALLOT” . Here’s something even more clear. Bill O’Neill provided a plan to stop wasteful traffic jams in Holland. The Supervisors and the Township Manager were given copies. Put “The O’Neill Plan” on the ballot. How simple is that? We’ll find out pretty quick what the people want and the Planners can plan how to leave the people alone.

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