Obama ignored the Congress and created a United Nations Agenda 21 Director with his un-constitutional Executive Order #13575. Diabolically,  he used the Agriculture Department to fund it. He included 25 of his Czars and created a new director of a new department the his Council For Rural Development. That parallels the United Nations ideas to lower the ability of Americans to compete both at home and abroad. At the UN it’s called Agenda 21. A21 is the United Nations Green Agenda for the Twenty-First century. It has been de-facto rejected by the American Congress. U.N. law’s are not operable in America, meaning they are unb-enforcable,  yet Obama is: greening America according to the U.N. dictates; ignoring the Constitution; acting in Contempt of Congress and showing he continues to be in contempt of the courts, as he did in 2011 when he re-ordered a ban on oil drilling after a Federal Judge ruled Obama’s first ban was unconstitutional. This is crazy work by a very un-American man who has been working to diminish America. Judge Nepolitano called him a Totalitarian Dictator to which I would add “who is contemptibly obnoxious to the America over which he holds almost complete power.” Obama revealed he is a tyrant against which many are eternally hostile.  

John Anthony has a great summary of Agenda 21. See it at: http://didyouknowonline.com/agenda21.php 

It’s worth the time but know this. Things are much worse and going the wrong way.

Agenda 21 is not only here to stay, it’s removing more private property in America every day.

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