Listening to the bats in the back of his head Glover mistakenly believes that the Constitution’s Second Amendment was created to bolster slavery and capture land from Native Americans. He’s serious. Award winning actor Danny Glover told that to a group of students at a Texas A&M sponsored event.

Hugo Chaves gave him $40 MILLION  (Wikipedia)

“I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” he said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.”

“A revolt from people who were stolen from their land or revolt from people whose land was stolen from, that’s what the genesis of the second amendment is,” he continued.

Perhaps it’s inevitable that the career of actor Danny Glover would go down in flames from guns. He played a detective who instinctively hated white people, calling them racist because in hiw mind white people are oppressing black people.

For the record, there is no such thing as a right to protect yourself from slave revolts. There is no right to a wrong.


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