Jan 16, 2013.  Wow. Crazier than whatever is the craziest thing, Bob Schieffer’s brain foamed out of his mouth against people with Constitutionally supported guns. The support of millions of citizens against a target group and their help in eliminating them has numerous precedents. It’s not about guns. It’s about hate. Guns are the bait this time. Schieffer swollowed it all. His is a sick psychosis. It’s happened many times before this. History is a guide. The Russians did it when Stalin went after the Kulaks, the Holodomor, (Google: Genocide or Not, Stalin starved millions) in 1933.  The Germans did it when Hitler initiated hatred of Jews and the people did his work for him. See: Kristelnacht –  when inflamed citizens like Schieffer went after German Jews who were a minority. Lithuanians did it. There’s a little known concentration camp in France where Lithuanian professors were sent, Natzweiler-Struthhof in the Vosges. Government fanned hatred and the crazy-mad citizens smashed the glass windows of their stores. Schiffer’s melt-down has precedents. History shows the ease government can isolate then destroy a group by whooping up hatred. But Obama will not be in power much longer unless he can also destroy term limits for the President. Don’t laugh. He’s well on his way to being the new savior like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Fidel and even Hugo in Caracas. Hatred really is easy for a leader to direct.

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