Obama is moving America to Napoleonic Law, a system diametrically opposed to the American Constituional System of Innocent Unless Proven Guilty. The Napoleonic System, (you better learn about this because it’s how you will be judged in court), is based on The Investigative Process. The Judge does the investigating and you must prove the truth lies elsewhere. The Judge has the trump cards. You have the Right to Remain Slient but your silence means you accept the accusations of the Judge. You are guilty, remember, from the get-go so deciding to stay silent means there is no way to deny your guilt. Conviction rates of 95% are the average. 

Compare that to the present American System of Innocent unless Proven Guilty. Under the Napoleonic System, if you drive a car and cars are proven to be dangerous because cars kill people, you are guilty in any accident. In fact the collectivist approach make you guilty of every death from a car because you should have been working to prevent killing by car. If you drive a car and a madman uses a car to kill someone, you are guilty along with him, of using a dangerous device. You are responsible for the acts of the Collective. Preventative laws can be based on the idea of guilty unless proven innocent. It’s called Preventative Law. It’s guilt without any act.

In America if you drive a car and are not involved in a accident you are not guilty of murder by car. You really must commit a crime before being judged guilty. We call it “The Presumption of Innocence” It’s Objective Law. You cannot be punished unless the state makes the case that you actually committed the crime. 

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