Just like Nero, the president gloats and his backers cheer over raising taxes. (Here). The man is a disgrace to the office as he continues to use the bully pulpit to divide America over Race, Class, Taxes, Military and Abortion, especially over race. He’s a man with a mission to destroy America because of his distorted anti- Western ideas from his anti-West Father. What a cad. What a pair of cads.

What’s a cad? – A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable. Plus, Obama’s distorted Epistemology puts himself over the rest of America, even though he only won by a very narrow 1.3% of the population.

There are idea about which everyone in this deeply divided country agrees. America is a deeply polarized, angry, splintered and weakened nation. That’s Obama’s doing and it’s his legacy. The left is demonically gleeful that “Racist and Racial Americans” – are suffering. The Revengeful Left enjoys watching Republicans, Tea Pary and Patriots anguish over the re-election of Obama . Obama keeps twisting his revengeful knives into the losers. He enjoys their defeat more than his victory. He despises rich, successful people who he believes are evil. That idea comes from his ancestors especially his African father who detested Europeans. His mother hated America because it was insufficiently communist so how could he escape their anti-America wrath? He could not and he did not. How could he be a normal, compasionate man who could reach out to his opponents and try to rule with empathy? Obama is out for revenge. That’s what motivates and energizes him. That’s why he is gloating. Hateful to watch.

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