Obama is a bad president. He’s bad because he’s against American prosperity. He’s punishing America by making life hard and harder. His weapon of choice is distraction. Obama is the Distractor in Chief. If something is not going good for him, he throws out a known controversial subject as an important issue and like a bear follows red meat, both the Left and the Right follow his distraction.

Can’t fix the Economy? Ban Guns. Can’t increase jobs? Ban Guns. Can’t fix violence? Ban Guns. Can’t govern? Ban Guns.

No budget for the past four years. Ban Guns. No ideas how to make America a better place? Ban Guns. That’s sure to distract the Left from finding how poor a presidential job he’s doing. The Right gets so infuriated they drop every other issue and fight Obama to stop him from banning guns. It’s a well proven stategy. He’s shameless.  

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