The propaganda is easy to control. Get control of the book publishing companies, the TV stations, the radio stations, the university professors and the other intellectual channels in a culture. That’s easier than confiscating the guns. Guns are the hardest thing for government to confiscate. But once the guns go, all the rest is easy. Look at Zimbabwe where Dictator, President Mugabe is in total control. No guns in the hands of the people. All guns in the hands of the government.

Cuba. The doctors cannot resist the government. Government got control of them 50 years ago. China. Are there any guns in the hands of the people? Are the people oppressed? You think not? Government tells women how many children they are permitted to have. China controls the sexual inclinations of the people. What would happen if people could shoot soldiers who came to collect their children? Of course that’s impossible. Even in America no one shoots at the government, at least not successfully because government¬†has a monopoly on the use of force.

A government that knows the people cannot resist can do anything to the people. 

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