Every false doctrine has at it’s base three fundamental principles that when accepted are dangerous to humans. Unfortunately, people are usually not thinkers in principles so they accept bits and pieces of opposite principles. For example, people accept the idea of “giving back” without knowing why they should or exactly what it is they should return. Or they accept Liberty and Duty, two clashing ideas. For that reason the three big errors listed below also have the remedy. And for you who have your head in both schools, (most people), at least you can pick the school in which you wish to operate, … on any issue.  Don’t blame me for exposing this. You are on your own.

1. MYSTICISM: The well-accepted idea that there are non-real things, …  and those things contain secrets that will save people. See also: Faith, Belief, – (Lewis Carroll’s White Queen says, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” This is often quoted in mockery of the common attribute of people to entertain beliefs contrary to fact and to each other.), – Revealed Wisdom, the words of Prophets, saints and clergy who say they speak for Goc, the power of prayer and so on. Mysticism contains non-scientific theories about the cause, nature and purpose of existence and what they mean for human life. REMEDY: Reality, Reason, Existence, Science.

2. ALTRUISM: The idea that exchanging greater things for lesser things is good. This morph’s into the idea that sacrifice is better than trade. The worst kind of sacrifice is the sacrifice of any single person for the state, the group or the rest of the people. REMEDY: Capitalism, Self-Responsibility.

3. SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM: The belief the group is more valuable than the individual. Communism is the little sister of SOCIALISM,  the principle idea of which is disproven false dectrines like Communism, Fashism,  and Statism. The Socialists’ objective is to destroy every form of individuality and independence — independent work, independent action, independent property, independent thought, and an independent mind. Conformity, sameness, servility, submission, giving back that which was never taken, and obedience, – mark a Socialist/Communist slave-state. REMEDY: Individuality, Independence, Self-Sufficiency

AGENDA 21 is a perfect storm of the mystical, magical power of the environment, the altruistic sacrifice of each person to the environment and the work of  the group, to make everyone better by the belief in Sustainability meaning not using the Environment to live one’s life. The swindles of Mystic.Altruist.Socialist/Communist Agenda 21 and Environmentalism reduce happiness to a distant, unachievable goal. These are anti-life doctrines fatal to human life.

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