By going on a disgusting and wrong-headed Apology Tour where he bent over trying to kiss the tyrannts and explain America’s failures Obama attacked and tried to diminish the achievements of America. He’s been destroying America since he began campaigning for President in 2007. His actions adding people to welfare and making them even more dependent on government is designed to make the American economy crumble. His support of and close friendship of Rev. “God Damn America” Wright, his close association over the years with Weatherman Bill Ayres, his sympathy for Hamas and Hezbollah, (he has never denounced them), his diminishment of the American Military, his removal of Defensive Missles from Poland, his efforts to confiscate and re-distribute wealth in a phony attempt to “give everyone a fair shot” is pure, unadultrated, “Dreams of His Father”,  Karl Marx Marxism. His expressions of hate towards the British, the Israeli’s, and America by returning a bust of Churchill to the Queen, his comment during subsequent questioning that”  “There’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.”,  his degradation of Benjiman Netenyahu by making him leave by the back door of the White House, also by purposely ignoring him during Netenyahu’s visit to New York reveal the basic Anti-Western values of this false American.But there’s more. He is sympathetic to the terrorists, especially in their demands against Israel. He wants to degrade and diminish the influence of America which is not only strange behavior for an American, it’s extremely wrong in an American President. America has never had a leader who is so open in his antagonism towards America. Worse is expected during the next four years.

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