The Newtown CN tragedy was partly caused by those who made the schools into free shooting galleries by absolutely bypassing the Second Amendment, calling the area around the school “Gun Free” which has the same result as announcing to a nut-job, “Nothing dangerous to you around here” and absolutely making sure there were no guns around to stop shooting’s in schools. The tragedy of Newtown was caused directly by the anti-gunners because the wrong-headed policy ignored the obvious solution of the use of lethal force. It guaranteed there was not even one person who could stop the shooter. The Newtown CT shooter was stopped when he shot himself. So in an ironic twist, the gun carried by the shooter ended the tragedy

Self-protection includes at least one’s home, so why not the homes away from home? Why not the places people are forced to send their children, the schools? Are the children less important than money? The banks have armed guards, why not the schools? Is jewelry more important than innocent, unarmed victims? More important then Joe and Jill Biden who are extremely well protected by an armed squad? Who or what is more important than my children or yours? So why can’t we protect them with armed guards?

Israel arms their schools. So does Texas.

People who think someone with a gun can be stopped by making schools gun free zones are engaging in wishful thinking. When a gunman is shooting in a school it should be obvious that the gun free zone failed as a policy to keep shooters out of the schools. One way to stop a gunman is to shoot him. Sure he can be tazered but it’s a lot safer to shoot him. Same for pepper spray, tear gas, stun grenades which affect the innocent too and other non-lethal ways can help and may work but why trust may. Why not trust the force of arms? Why take a chance on the life of one innocent bystander? Why not announce a fatal zone not only around the schools but around the malls, the jewlery stores, the banks and all over b announcing there are people nearby with concealed weapons who are trained to shoot at evil.  .

Texas does it.

Why not Council Rock where a lone student decided to attack and kill just one week after after Newtown CN? The shooter was stopped before he began shooting but it could have been another school tragedy because it was 100% guaranteed there were no guns around to stop him once he started because Council Rock is suaranteed 100% to be gun free. Why?  The more places that are known to be gun free and without armed guards are invitations to evil, especially the semi-sane nut jobs who have proven Gun Free Labels around a school don’t work. The shootings around schools should be blamed on the Liberals, the Left-Wing, four of the ladies on the View and thousands of other people who may be well meaning but not so well thinking. Evil will always be with us and when it appears it must be stopped. Among the great nations on the earth, it is America that wrote that down. It’s called the Second Amendment and it’s known to work.

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