There is no plural for revenge. Obama has been getting lots of revenge against his mostly imagined devils for decades. From his beginning culture wars in his correspondence with his Kenyan father and his Marxist mother, both well-educated who found it easy to direct Obama’s anger towards and against America, to his  Columbia and Harvard days where he discovered his oratory skills, to his community organizing which is simply finding people to support his agenda’s – to force government to do things government was not supposed to do, Obama has been seeking and getting revenge. Obamacare is revenge against medicine, doctors and Americans whose health care will now cost far more than it should. His latest revenge will help disarm Americans civilians. The last thing and American would do is disarm America. The first thing a dictator does is disarm the people.

To those who sincerely believe removing guns from ciitzens will make them safer, look at Switzerland where every home is armed with at least a machine gun, a gun Obama calls a “Weapon Of War”.  That’s because there may not be enough time to give out guns so the people already have one or more. Swiss citizens also keep morters in their homes.

What about keeping our schools and children safe? A quick way to do that is to remove the “Gun Free Zone” signs at the schools. That only invites people who want to hurt someone to do it where there is little or no chance of the perpetrator being shot and killed. Arm more people. Arm them at the stores, the malls, the streets, the alley’s and yes, the schools. classrooms and hallways where there are children. That’s something that can be done almost in a week and it will make the schools far less vulnerable as fast as it can be done. Don’t let Obama take out more revenge on our people and our children.

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