Pretty simple, really. China wants American citizens disarmed and Obama, Biden, Hilly & Billy Clinton do too. They want to be protected by,…. well, security guards with guns ….- but they don’t like people to have guns. You see, according to the meatheads on the left, people kill people so people can’t be trusted with guns, except for the people who protect their money, like, for example armed guards on the Brinks money delivery trucks. Un-armed bamk guards are pretty much obsolete, as were un-armed security guards for Teddy Kennedy. Guns can be used to protect children but why should Obama protect our children? It’s enough for him and Joe Biden to protect themselves by having armed people at the White House. Barry and Joe have armed people protecting their children and grandchildren at their schools but why should the poor and middle class kids be protected by people with guns? After all, Barry and Joe believe only their kids need protection. No one else is as important. To Obama and the gun grabbers the schools should not be armed so the wing-nuts periodically can kill a few kids to promote the disarming of America by the Left wing Liberals. Neither Obama not Hillary like the Constitution and Extremist Hillary wants kids taken from their parents by government so they can be properly fed, clothed and propagandized in the government propaganda centers. Never seen a government propaganda center? Yes you have but you were never told about them. They’re the schools and they are open to any meathead who wants to make a name by killing a few dozen kids.They were made “Gun Free Zones” so one person could kill lots of kids with one or two guns.

So Obama will lower the number of guns in the hands of the people so important people like Obama’s kids can be protected by people with guns but not the people of America. Why does Obama hate people so much?

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