What? Benghazi was a crime, not an act of War? Is Obama nuts? Three months after the AlQuida bombings at Benghazi the goofy Liberal running the White House thinks it was a crime?

The military handles acts of war against America. Why did Obama send the FBI to do it? Why didn’t the Accountability Review Board Report say that it was an act of war and the military, not the FBI has jurisdiction?

Because Obama is officially unable to say Terrorists did it. If he did the FBI wouldn’t be investigating the attacks, the military would do it and the militray would develop stategies and tactics to keep America safe or at least safer. America doesn’t need an FBI investigation. It needs some battle planning. The Military needs to be told to get the organizations that did all of the 9/11/12 attacks. But that would take a commander in Chief who knows the right things to do to protect America.  

Is there anything Obama will do to find and eliminate the groups who set up 20 attacks against America on Sept 11, 2012? Violent Muslim protests raged in Gaza, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Iran and among Muslims in Israel and the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir but No. Obama will not turn over 9/11/2012 to the military for prosecution. Why Not?! He’s against America and that’s why he continues to do the wrong things to protect America as well as doing things that make America more vulnerable.



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