You are if you are a Liberal but don’t feel like you are OK because you’re a Left-Wing Conservative. You can tell if you make bad decisions if you voted for Obama. There are only 64 million of you. That’s a big number and there are more of you than that but 64 million is a good number for the minimum number of you.
Humanity is composed of many different personalities but most people fall in the middle. The extremes are the super-smart and the really evil. Those in the middle are the worst. The super’s are not all the same. Some of the smart’s work against the human race by failing to be smart about it all. Some of the evils are not less evil. Evil is just what you think it is, evil to the bone.
The middle has mostly good enough’s. People who go along are the worst of the good’s. Good but not good enough to be really good. Most lead perfectly OK lives. Nothing exciting, nothing completely boring, just keeping a hole in the air until heading back into the dust. They can’t go down in flames. They never ignited.
Consider what you did re-electing Obama. His foreign policy caused the Benghazi murders. He’s been lying about alQuida which is not only not dead, they’re attacking all over the planet. Chech out Goma. Never heard of it? That confirms you’re the problem. Obama sold out Israel; passed Obamacare with no consideration of the Republicans. He ran his Democratic Bulldozers right over their corpses. He sold out the Europeans too, especially the Poles. He re-set Russia who hates America and smells more victories that even Jimmie Carter provided. China? He’s helping them defeat America. Spending? More than anyone since Adam and Eve.  He’s divided the world. Fractured it worse than broken tempered glass. Bending, no, breaking the rules even more than Bill and Hillary combined. Eric Holder Flagrantly Corrupted the Justice Department into a Capone Franchise. Fast and furious against Jamie Foxx haters. Higher prices for energy, nothing is better in the world because of the disaster named Obama.

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