Taxes are far too high and raising any of them will further depress the economy meaning the poor will find fewer jobs, the middle class will move downward and the rich will be less rich. So who will benefit?


His godlike presence to the victims of his statism will gain. His image will be more gilded. The entire world will pay but Obama is above consequence. He defies the thermodynamic law of entropy, gaining power, not as constitutionally mandated but by his raw will. Obama has become a cosmic event drawing energy from the productive and sending it’s rays into the least able. But there are consequences. The sun decreases with every passing moment as nuclear fusion eats away. Every person is affected by Obama-mania but the poor and lower classes will lose their power as the American Sun gains. The power to control one’s destiny  was challenged by slavery and replaced by freedom which led to it being crushed by free matter. Free cellphones that stop working and cannot be upgraded. Free food stamps that fix and limit the control of food. Food stamps stop when there is no money. Food stamps make the used dependent on government more than any slave owner could imagine. At least the slave could see the master. No one can see government. So who’s worse off? The slave who can see the oppressor or an intellectual jailer with no shape or form? When Obama taxes the best the least should run because the danger is coming. the danger is the control of the output of an individual in a land supposed to protect each person and the property of the individual. This is a moral outrage protected by Marxian oppression disguised as compassion.

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