How did this fruit loop get into the debate for president? She actually took  A Course in Miracles, in college. Williamson said that reading certain books was her “path out of hell” as she had been “mired in a series of unhappy love affairs, alcohol and drug abuse, a nervous breakdown, and endless sessions with therapists”, according to a 1992 Skeptical Inquirer article. The piece also reported on Williamson’s professed fringe beliefs, including that the “Voice” described in A Course in Miracles came from Jesus, that “nothing occurs outside our minds”, and that “sickness is an illusion and does not actually exist”. The Course is said to be channeled over a seven year period by Helen Schucman, “an emotionally tortured psychologist”, according to the LA Times; to Williamson, it “contains no holes”, and consulting the books can solve every problem. She has described mandatory vaccinations as “Orwellian”. Her election is simply a testament to the kind of voters there are in her district which is probably too close to the Pacific ocean. Her signature campaign promise is a call for $100 billion in reparations for slavery to be paid by people who had no slaves to people who don’t even know any slaves. Fruit loop.