Barack Obama as a public figure is fair game for analysis and criticism. It should be done objectively and truthfully and not only is it important to review what Obama does, it is a sort of duty because the Constitution encourages different opinions and ideas because it provides complete protection for political speech and the protection is for the purpose of broadcasting and publishing the views of Individual Americans.  A new American from India, Denish D’Souza’s analysis seems trenchant. well reasoned and based only on facts that are available. D’Souza criticizes without rancor. He argues against re-distribution on a moral basis. (Here). He concludes Obama is neither a Socialist nor a communist. At least not primarily. D’Souza’s movie “2016” claims Obama is an anti-Colonialist. That’s a negative analysis. The following is loosely based on D’Souza’s comments.

Positively, D’Souza sees Obama as animated by the Civil Rights Movements from the 1950’s, – the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education case that led to Forced Busing in 1971, (see: Swann v Charlotte-Mecklenburg). Obama was born in 1961. He did not self-identify as black until the late 70’s. He was vividly conscious of the civil rights struggles and the successful strategy of agitate, agitate, agitate. Obama worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago. From that beginning Obama follows an anti-Authoritative, anti-Western, Community Organizing path, (dis-organizing – because it was to get power to those who did not have it, (nor deserve it because they did nothing to earn that power) by splitting the communities into the have’s  and the have not’s). Disorganizing a community to demand benefits by supporting government taking the cost of the benefits from the community and handing them over to Obama’s supporters is a strategy that got Obama re-elected but it’s a strategy that clashes with Capitalism. It’s Obama’s epistemology that Capitalism, the colonizers, the rich, the landowners those who oppressed blacks are those against whom he is still struggling.

Obama operates as though he is not part of the government. He fights against things. He’s critical and negative. It’s their system, not his. He opposed the WASPS as a student, a student agitator, a student leader and as a civil rights agitator and his tactics have not changed. That’s why he seems to operate outside the system as a  protester, attorney, and now a leader against Capitalism. Capitalism is the basic American system and it’s protected by the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution and philosophically Obama works against that.

Unfortunately, big government is back with Obama’s re-election. He’s blissfully, – naively, – ignorant of the lessons of the 20th century because his focus is arrested within the Civil Rights movements and specifically, the Black struggles. Because of the Brown and Swann Supreme Court decisions, Obama sees government as the answer to America’s problems and he has enlarged the powers of government, as the solution. People without medical care? Use the power of government to force the majority to buy medical care for the oppressed. That would be the oppressed minorities, illegal immigrants and their supposedly innocent children. How convenient that the head of law enforcement not only refuses to prosecute law-breakers, he rewards them.  

Obama is a very different kind of leader because of his conditioning as a struggler against the rich and the powerful. He is not a race hustler like Jesse Jackson, (see “SHAKEDOWN” by Kenneth Timmerman) or Al Sharpton. Obama has a lot of good will from Republicans because he does not use race, at least not overtly. He is nuanced and subtle. He uses code words like “those who have benefitted the most” and “Fair share” as though there is such a thing in a taxation sense.

Obama sees the economy as a fixed pie that needs to be distributed equally. The unequal distribution is why some people cannot benefit while others get unfair advantages, White people unfairly benefit partly because of their white colored skin. Obama sees government as the way to force people to be equal. He sees collective action, not work, –  as a solution for unfairness. Capitalism is mean because it is unfair; at least that’s how Obama sees it. Government should seize the pie and distribute it equally because that’s fair. But fairness is a moral principle. When government steps in and forces people to do something the idea of morality disappears. There is no morality at the point of a gun. Morality by force is a counterfeiting of the term.

So Obama is neither a business person nor a philosopher. He cannot be by his conditioning at the most liberal universities in America. Civil Rights is about equality, not business. Business is seen by the liberal civil rights crowd as immoral, something that should be highly controlled, limited, and run only by government. Unfortunately, some conservatives also see business as immoral because it uses money and profit as a measure of virtue, instead of social good . Obama has little idea about the role of business in a free culture. He sees business as the golden goose that gives him the means only to control the materialistic people who run successful corporations but as a way to force them to share their money. Obama cannot grasp the basis of money, business and profits therefore he cannot enlarge business. He cannot encourage it. He cannot defend it. But he can regulate it which is why he has massively enlarged the regulatory state. Control of Medicine makes sense to him. He cannot grasp research as an attribute that needs to be protected from the people and especially from the government. His ideas are rooted in re-distribution of the pie, not making more pies, not in mass producing pies, not in making different sizes and types to sell more pies but soley in cutting up and handing out free pie. But stolen pie is not free.

Obama’s rhetoric reflects the collectivist approach. “Yes we can do it”; “Let’s make them pay”; “You didn’t build that”. Obama relies on collectivist class warfare ala Marx. He uses the divisive, class warfare idea of the good guys, (us), and the bad guys, (them). His defining values, those of the civil rights struggles of his African-American model have been overcome by events. Those days of struggle are over but Obama didn’t un-learn the lessons. Today, government protects the black minorities so there is not only no racism, government works to overcome even the use of the word.

Obama is fighting for the past and applying the victorious civil rights struggle to all of America and he sees all of America as a struggle between his good guys and those bad guys, the rich who want to lock out everybody else and the rest of us and the poor. He seeks not to unify the nation but only to organizs part of the community to fight against the other part; to demonstrate and fight against the rich, a phantom, chimerical enemy.

Fight how? Not by working harder, nor by saving more but thru political activism and by prostituting the political system as a means of delivering the goods to his part of the culture.  This is a troubling vision of America because: it’s obsolete; it’s not the American System; and it’s not an agenda for the future. Obama sees the case of the success of the African-Americans and he’s generalizing it and using it against all Americans and that’s his ideology. Not exactely Marxism, not Communism nor Socialism but the civil rights tradition. His governing model is the civil rights model, simply agitate, agitate, agitate. That’s why he’s a divider. Unfortunately, his flawed ideas worked on a National scale, got him re-elected and America is in for a difficult four years.

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