The stat’s for the website show quite a few people from foreign countries look at this website. Because I’ve been in 91 countries so far, that stat interests and satisfies me. It’s a big world but people have common attributes. I know from personal experience there are many delightful places. The various cultures are a source of wonder, amazement and satisfaction because of the differences and the similarities. It’s very easy to be among people who look, talk, think and live different. It’s easy to be comfortable and admirable of the cultures, even though there are some bad ones and some dangerous ones. The good and the great ones do stand out but there is no accepted list of best or worse. Just about every place I’ve been has features that make life good, even great. With apologies because I only speak one language well and with admiration to those who speak two or more, it has never been difficult to get by with some sort of pigeon version plus the small number of words in a different language that a visitor can easily learn. And it often works out that some people use my language as a way to improve theirs. Some places do stand out. The small town of Oia on Santorini, Table Mountain in Capetown, all around the Mediterranean, Ireland, especially the West, Paris and all of France, Europe, including of course England especially Marlow, the size of Africa, the plurality of Brazil, the bare feet, the small huts and the big cities, all connected by one of the most beneficial inventions, the jet engine. Governments that everywhere get too much in the way of life and the abilities of the people to avoid the worst parts but government is needed, necessary and at times very good because there are some small number of bad people. On the whole however the people are the joy and the solution. My inclinations are American, more because of seeing all of the people and places but with the knowledge that the American way is not the only way. It’s the best for me but there are other ways too. Like the song says, It’s a Big, Wide Wonderful World — because of the people. 

But there’s work to be done so to all who read these words this is my chance to say thank you.  

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