Obama was re-elected by 4.2 million votes. There are 315 million people in America. One percent of the American people caused Obama to win. Read that again.  One percent. Actually, 1.3% but rounded off it’s one percent. Obama won because of one percent of the American people.

The winning margin, 4.2 million votes is one out of every 29 voters. For every 28 people who voted, it was a tie. Did those 28 people waste their vote? No. If they had not voted the one out of 29 would have won by 100%. Did the votes of 14 people out of every 28 who voted cancel the votes of 14 other people? Sure but without the actual voters the one percent would have been 100%. Each vote was not only important, it was vital to Obama’s success.

The problem is that the winning margin was so small. Obama has about half of the voters against him. This was a close election in terms of the actual number of people who voted, 125 million. Sixty percent of Americans did not vote. Three out of five people did not vote. Of course children cannot vote but the 60% is pretty accurate because the children are the same percent of the 60% and the 40%. Two out of five people voted but only one out of a hundred caused Obama to win. So the blame or the credit for Obama continuing to rule in America is smaller than the tail on the dog. That’s how important it was to vote for either Romney or Obama.

RACISM IN THE ELECTION. Forget it. There are 34 million African America’s in America and about 224 million whites. Hispanic’s are about 14% and Asian’s about 4%. About 13% are black and 73% white. That’s 104% because the numbers are rounded to make the point easier about the effect of race on the Obama victory. If the percent of voters tracked by race, white people re-elected Obama because 73% of the voters were white. But if the 13% African-America voted for Obama they were the difference between Obama winning or losing. Either way, America cannot be called racist, even though we know there are some very small number of racists in America. There is also a large number of people who hate white people but they too are not important because they are such a small percent and because they are not effective as racists. Because the majority of voters were white, and they were, Obama was re-elected by whites. If the white voters had voted by race Romney would have won in the biggest landslide ever. Even if it’s true that without the black vote Obama would not have won, it’s also true that Obama would not have won without the white voters. America isn’t racist, it’s actually plualistic, much more than most other countries or cultures. Even Obama, who self-identifies as Black is half white.  

It’s still a wag the dog result because the winning margin is so small. Even though the tail cannot wag the dog, the point of the movie was that a small number of people can get a much larger number of people to do things their way. But the victory is not only because of the 1%. Obama won because of many reasons. You can list the reasons you think caused Obama to win or that caused Romney to lose but the numbers are the facts. We have all of the numbers but we do not have all of the facts but we can be certain of what we do know.  

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