Cash For Clunkers, a way to try to revive a failing economy where people bought cars they could afford. Obamacars destroyed the bottom of the Used Car market that is still being felt today. When the bottom priced used cars were crushed, people who could not afford a new car found they could not afford a low-priced used one because they had disappeared. They bought a car on a six or seven year loan. Six or seven years of insufficient income because the Obamacar deal not only crushed good used cars, it crushed personal spending. Four years later good used cars are selling for more than they cost four years ago and less expensive used cars are still not available. Typical of a totalitarian government decision. Seems good until the cost is totaled. Destroy good cars to force people to buy more expensive ones they could not have bought and could not afford. Four years later and there are no signs of the low priced car market returning. Another effect on the rest of the economy is lower sales for other goods because people are still paying for the new Obamacar they couldn’t afford then and still can’t afford today. Then the cost of fuel shot up so people had an new efficient car but not enough money to buy a full tank of fuel. Economic Stupidity and he was re-elected. Fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy four more years. Yikes!

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