In Philly, there were 59 districts that voted 100% for Obama. (Here). There are over 1,600 voting districts in Philly. (Here). The 59 districts are 3.7% of the total. Romney got almost 100,000 votes in Philly. Obama got 559,180. Romney got 1 out of every 6 votes cast in Philly, where black people are 44% of the population and white people are 46%, almost an even number of blacks and whites. 

Be aware of the media distortions for example: “Black voters ages 18-29 made up 26 percent of the black vote nationally, a turnout close to what it was in 2008, according to the national exit poll. They voted 91 percent for Obama.” (Here). The distortion is that in Philly, where the vote was higher for Obama than just about everywhere else, black voters are nowhere near the size the media makes them out to be and they were not as important either. Obama may love them but they are not the reason he was elected. Why did Obama win? Because the Democrats and the Left are practiced at splitting the Republicans and the Republicans cannot fugure out how to beat the Left. And because the Left is really great at bribing voters.


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