Does Israel Own the West Bank? First, The Balfor Agreement goes back to 1917 and Israel is entitled to the West Bank based on the history of the land from 95 years ago. Before Balfor the West Bank belonged to The Ottoman Empire that lost it to Great Britain before 1917. Second,  The West Bank is Conquered Territory, considered to be the spoils of war from the 1968 War in Israel. Third, some people including some owners, call parts of it Abandoned.  A synopsis of the forgoing answers leads to “Yes”, Israel in entitled to the West Bank. For additional arguments and a more detailed set of arguments see: Prof. Yifar Holzman-Gazit, Land Expropriation in Israel: Law, Culture and Society (2007), ISBN 9-780-7546-2543-8. Another good source is an article in Gideon’s Trumpet about Eminent Domain In Israel  (Here).

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