Obama rejected additional security which might have saved four innocent Americans from assassination in Benghazi, —  according to Ed Kline. (Here).

Obama is furthering the Benghazi cover-up by not releasing or refusing to order the release of any and all documents about Benghazi. He can claim they are security risks but he can redact them. He’s in deep, rising water that’s getting hotter by the minute. The Question is: “how long will he marinate?”

But Obama gave Clinton a huge propaganda victory (bribe) with the Cease Fire with Hamas, Gaza and Egypt, a cease fire that’s already failed because Hamas fired twelve missals into Israel already and it’s only been in effect for nine hours. (Here). So Hillary gets a place in history for brokering the deal, the cost of which is not disclosed and Obama gets the wink-wink deal from Hillary to keep her mouth shut, at least until Bill gets finished with Obama.

And the anti-semetic Hamas supporting French media calls Israel’s surgical strikes “Assassinations” while calling Hamas’ indiscriminate shelling of Israel “Rockets” as though they are Fourth-of-July fireworks. Israel can only lose with the French Media. (Here).

He gave

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