Obama sees unfairness all around so he want’s to handicap the successful to help the unsuccessful. If instead he turned his telescope right way round he would see success and use it to increase successfulness. Here’s how it works. Marx saw a fixed amount of money and tried to divide it up. Jefferson saw an expanding economy and knew everyone would get more. Marx wanted each person to have the same amount of money. Jefferson wanted everyone to get the most money they could get. Mark set up a mathematical relationship among people. Marx saw everyone having “X”, an equal amount ot money so Marx divided the total amount of money by the number of people and came out with the same amount and he said that’s fair. Jefferson saw an expanding economy “X = More X every minute, “X =X times T” so anyone could work as hard or as easy as they wanted and they would get a different amount of money based on their effort or even on their lack of effort. Under Marx there would be no poor because government would give them money even if they would not, did not nor could not get money on their own.  Jefferson knew people should get money by being successful and a economy left alone to produce would out produce an economy where people would get “X” even if they were more successful. Human nature has proven that people will take money for doing nothing easier than they will get money by their own effort. Why work when there is no advantage? Why work harder when there is no benefit? Marx didn’t understand that not only can an economy grow, it can shrink therefore the amount of money shrinks and like Greece, everyone gets less. It depends on how an individual want’s to live. As a parasite who takes money from it’s neighbors or as a person who can produce. Obama and Marx have is so wrong. It’s worse than looking thru the wrong end of the telescope. It’s like looking at a pie and wondering why it never gets bigger.

Can Obama change? Sure, but why should he? Can America change and become productive again? Because America, like Greece has a permanent and a majority of non workers, a majority who vote for more but do nothing or very little more to get more, probably not. 

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