Dog-whistles, meaning code words that  only some people know about have been exposed more in the past two years  There are many code words for Rich people, the most famous or perhaps the most long lived is Karl Marx’s term, bourgeois. The newest is “1%”  as in the Obama move to Tax the Top One Percent. Obama falsly calims he wants to Tax the people who have prospered the most. That’s just a new disguise for the  old Tax the Rich scheme which is the thin edge of the wedge that eventually raises taxes on all. More Obama dog whistles heard by the people who feel Oppressed by The Rich are: Tax the wealthiest among us; billionaire, capitalist, the Country  Club set, the Jet Set, the fat-cats, magnate, moneybags, scion, socialite, the beautiful people, tycoon, yuppie and many, many more. Obama want’s to tax the people more, especially the rich and he attempts but fails to make a moral argument based supposedly on fairness when it’s simply unfairness in disguise. Obama often says: it’s only fair to ask those who have gotten the most to pay a bit more but he means tax everyone because in Obama’s calculus, no, Obama doesn’t use calc. He uses arithmetic on his teleprompter.

Tax the Rich is popular among the multicultures and ethnics in America. When a culture proves it can be  divided into “Us” and “Them” it’s only a short time until it can be divided as Obama has done into 24 different pieces  (here) which are easier to knock off than the American culture, a culture Obama is oppressing, not helping.

Obama was taught well by his America hating parents; his socialist grandparents who preferred the politics of Marx over Jefferson; his earliest mentor the very famous Frank Marshall Davies, his Chicago friends like the anti-American Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dornan, his left-wing professors at Columbia and Harvard and scores of like minded people who, unfortunately for America have banded together in spirit like:  Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman, Arianna Huffington, Paul Krugman, Michael Moore, Al Franken, Maureen Dowd, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, James Carville, David Axelrod, Bill Maher, George Clooney, Van Jones, Jeremiah Wright, Candy Crowley, Andrew Sullivan, Donna Brazile, Bill Moyers, Whoppie Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Rohm Emmanuel, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhan, Edward Said, Roberto Unger, George Soros, Social Democrats, communists, Marxists, Fascists, Maoists, Leninists, Green’s, anarchists, and hundreds of others who are on the air, in the media, at the publishing houses, at the U.N.,  involved with the leftist groups worldwide (here), past and present, are gleeful Obama won. So are the Muslims and Jews who, according to the Washington Post at: voted 85% and 70% for Obama because his message: “we are all in this together” seemed to support diversity, even though Obama, Pelosi and Reid completely ignored the Republicans which makes his and their diversity argument false. Obama is a successful divider who follows the path of Community Organizer Saul Alinsky who was successful in taking power from the white elites, as he called them, and giving it to those who did not have it. But Alinsky did not and could not understand how to make unsuccessful people into successful ones. He could pay them but he could not change their nature so neither does Obama and unfortunately for America he’s doubled down on dividing America. Sadly, at least so far it’s working. At bottom Obama is not about one America.

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