Fred Reed figured out that the debt for slavery was paid long ago but the debt earned by white people for all the programs like Affirmative Action, hasn’t even begun to be totaled up. Read it HERE.  He claims “when blacks use writing, or cellphones, or arithmetic, they are committing cultural appropriation of European white culture. This is quite shocking. And they have been doing it for years. Clearly reparations are in order, backdated.”

Fred continues: “

“Pondering this injustice, I saw that the only way to reach the luminous pinnacle of the socially correct is to licence white culture, much as we license software. Doing it on a per-use basis would be accountigwise burdensome: so much per hour for listening to Tchaikovsky, so much for each street sign read. This would be so tedious as to warm the cockles of a federal bureaucrat’s heart (whatever a cockle is).

“No, I am envisioning it as an unlimited licence. See, people in Black Lives Matter would pay a fixed amount per year for unlimited reading, writing, and arithmetic, with use of buildings, television, and antibiotics thrown in as lagniappe. (Lagniappe is not a woman in Black Lives Matter. So far as I know.)

Evidence? Check Fred Reed: