Lots of American companies  have been forced out of America by: High Taxes and taxes on everything. Massive Regulations, Greedy Unions, Strangling Laws and the latest coffin nail, Obamacare. The so-called Fiscal Cliff is only Obama’s scheme to raise taxes, — first on the rich, then the middle class then the poor. Oh, wait. The poor don’t pay taxes because they are part of the 47% of America who have been made poor by the governments. Anyhow, the over-spending is increasing the debt so to give Obama a political alibi,  Obama and the Left, i.e., the Marxist Socialist Left are banging the old Marxist/Obama “Tax The Rich” class warfare drum, but two things about that. 1.) The spending will continue to increase and 2.) the rich won’t make enough to pay off much of ithe debt which will continue to $20 trillion by 2016, the year we are finally done with Obama but the Left will be stronger in 2016 than thay are now. WalMart may be forced to close because the Union is playing their usual games and blackmailing the company to get more money for the unions. What will happen if Wal Mart closes? Where will you shop? Wherever it is, it will cost you more but the Left doesn’t care about you and their policies ruined the Soviet Union and hundreds of other countries around the world but why study the reasons Socialism doesn’t work. 

The Fiscal Cliff is made-up Leftist fear-mongering. There’s no cliff but there is a mountain of debt and that mountain is higher then Everest. The financial Everest has been growing for so long there should be no surprises and no cliff’s to go off of. Socialism cannot exist without debt because Socialism cannot pay it’s own way. the National Debt is merely a marker for the degree of Socialism in a culture.   

Look at what Government Over-spending has done. Twinkies will be made in Mexico because the company was bleeding money but the Union didn’t care so Hostess was forced to close the factory and the union caused the loss of 18,000 American jobs. 

Another example among literally thousands. Sherwin Williams just bought Concorcio Comex to be able to continue to sell in the International markets. Cleveland based Sherwin Williams paid $2.4 billion to buy Comex. ….  Comex is in Mexico and their sensible labor costs will make Sherwin Williams more competitive, thereby saving some American jobs in Cleveland but the new jobs will be in Mexico, not America because of: Taxes, Regulations, Unions, Strangling Laws and the latest coffin nail, Obamacare. Sound familiar? Listen to the sound of the Leftist Symphony playing the “International”, the theme song of the Russian Revolution. (Here). Better learn it because one day during the next four lears it will be taught to the children. And don’t worry about the fiscal cliff. The Socialist Boulevard is full of bumps, goes nowhere and provides nothing worth having for honorable people. There is no such thing as a fiscal cliff for government. They just spend, make up false crisis and raise taxes. They never run out of other peples money.   

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