To Sheila Jackson-Lee, who has been labeled the meanest person in congress, said:  “This (slavery) was an institutionalized and condoned action by the government from 1619 to 1865. De jure and de facto acts have shown the impact on African-Americans” seems to believe America should pay Black People for their ancestors who were slaves…

No, Sheila Jackson-Lee… American Government didn’t begin until 1779 when the Constitution was passed and No, Sheila Jackson-Lee, no one alive today was part of or responsible for slavery since before 1865, which was 154 years ago. In fact the government of the United States which was the government of president Lincoln,  fought FOR black people, not against them. They paid the price to free American slaves and homage and praise to them and their descendants which should and does include you Sheila Jackson-Lee and everyone knows you can’t pay yourself for what you owe to those Abolitionists. Drop it.

The Houston Press reported in 1998 that five of Lee’s staffers quit that spring: “According to Lee’s former Capitol office executive assistant and events scheduler Rhiannon Burruss, the congresswoman’s abrasive ways not only drove off staff members but irritated Continental Airlines staffers to the point where one suggested she fly on a competitor instead.”

In 2011 she was reported to have one of the highest staff turnovers in Congress and to be one of the worst bosses. The Huffington Post and Houston Chroniclereported that she had gone through 11 chiefs of staff in 11 years. In 2011 she was named as one of the “worst bosses in Washington” by The Daily Caller. The Huffington Post stated that “Jackson Lee regularly appears on Washingtonian magazine’s list of the “Best and Worst of Congress” as the “meanest” member of House of Representatives.”[61][64] That reputation as the worst boss on Capitol Hill continued; in 2012 Washingtonian again listed her as the meanest member of the House,[65] a report in 2013 concluded that “the veteran Texas Democrat had the highest turnover rate for all of Congress over the past decade.”[66] She again topped the 2017 edition of the biennial Washingtonian survey[67] and 2018 turnover statistics[68].