From American Thinker: “The Democratic Party, led by Barack Obama, is a corrupt criminal enterprise, We’re learning more about how the FBI and the Obama Justice Department did their best to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton by undermining Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. 

“The malignant Chicago political machine and Chicago politics, infected the national bloodstream with Barack Obama, a local community organizer whose pleasing demeanor and sonorous, mellifluous oratory, and nothing more, led to his phenomenal rise from political unknown to frontrunner for president.  He was a product of the Chicago Machine, a political cartel quite willing to front this unknown young black man for president if it brought the machine’s bosses greater national influence and power, which it did.

:To head up a corrupt system of enforcement, a thoroughly corrupt leader is required, and the Democratic Party had a ready candidate waiting in the wings: senior legal advisor to the Obama campaign Eric Holder.  If you tried, you couldn’t devise a better agent for the toxic infection of the federal Justice Department and its enforcement arm, the FBI, than Eric Holder. With the revelations coming out of congressional hearings into the FBI investigations into Donald Trump, we are learning just how despicably corrupt our national law enforcement has become, employing venal Chicago prosecutorial and policing methods on a national scale.

This is crime up with we should not put. 

“The battle in the media is lost.  We will never get fair and balanced coverage.  Yet, if we have learned anything from Donald Trump, controlling the media doesn’t guarantee controlling the message.  Part of the president’s success has been in dictating the narrative.  By using Twitter, perhaps at times injudiciously, but at other times brilliantly, Trump has bypassed traditional media and gone directly to the people — it got him elected and it can be used to fight the socialist takeover of this nation.  Facebook, Twitter, comments on articles, and public activism are all weapons at our disposal.

“Donald Trump fights, but he’s one man.  He can’t save us alone.  If we believe the dream that is America is worth saving, we are going to have to fight, for if we don’t, America is lost..