Hit the East Coast and the West Coast around 11pm EST on 11/06/2012 with ruinous consequences. It divided African Americans, Hispanics and women against most White Christian Men and many White Christian women. No munitions were involved but the biggest damage was: an Explosion in  Federal Spending; higher Tax Rates; more Presidential ORDERS, a new Liberal Supreme court even worse than the FDR court that kow-towed to the President; more laws that ignored the barrier of Congress, common decency and good sense, and even more revenge against Great Britain and America by a non-American Thinker President who disrespects the spirit of the law but follows the proceedures. Individual dignity was captured and made to suffer by the hurricane. Hurricane Obama nurtured the spirit of revenge in Obama and his brothers and sisters. The additional destruction of the American People and their Constiution begun about one hundred fifty years ago. It portended great destitution and poverty to most Americans. The effect of the hurricane on Commerce in America and the increase in the number of people being rewarded for their poverty shocked the conscience of the decent people who were forced further into deprivation as their jobs, their cash and their savings were taken from them by the hurricane. A “Death Panel” 15 non-elected and untouchables who decided what the goverment would pay to doctors caused the evacuation of great doctors and closed hospitals as payments for medical care was slowly cut. Many old people could no longer pay for good medical insurance which was driven higher for less coverage. This was the first Evil Hurricane ever known to America. 

The Explosion  increased Presidential ORDERS, those COMMANDS from Obama that avoided both the Constitution and the Congress. The Explosion fed the Federal Regulations that were running at the annual rate of 35,000 pages a year to over 50,000. The worst and most active King in history.  

An additional effect of Hurricane Obama was in the Middle East where Rockets from Syria struck Israel a week after the Hurricane hit America. It eliminated revenge against the alQuida Terrorists who for example sawed off the head of Daniel Pearl, who re-entered Afghanistan in droves after the hurricane removed America and Europe. AlQuida attacked America 9/11/01, Benghazi and 19 other United States compounds on 9/11/2012 and re-build their organization and increased their jihad against Israel and The West.

The net effect of Hurricane Obama will never be fully known because of the secrets that were, are and will be covered-up by the buldozer known as the American Media, a large group of subversive agents who have operated behind a cloud of secracy and subversion called Progressivism.  This is printed in Red to honor  the dead, killed by the worst within the culture.  The damage of the hurricane began during the lifetime of Typhoon Karl Marx. America thought it was safe from Typhoons but the virus of foolish ideas eventually caused not only Marx but his decendent Barack. Barack was infected by a strain that originated in Kenya and Wichita. Gifted by nature with a compelling voice, an engaging smile and a great education in Marxism at Columbia and Harvard universities, (information about who paid for that was still being kept secret). The hurricane that affected the entire human race proved to be unstoppable. A pastor said: ” the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future  reign of the Antichrist.”  What will be accomplished in the next four years? A general increase in suffering & misery.

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