How wonderful and brilliant Obama is. How successful an author. Excuse the sarcasm but this is outrageous. On Nov. 9th Obama published page 67,431 of volume 77, book number 218. (Here). Read that again. Page 67,431. Is that Nuts? Who in their right mind writes a book with 67,431 pages? Obama is not the first to publish a monster book but he is publishing his book faster than other’s. In the last 90 days he wrote 95 pages a day. The book contains new laws. The laws are not optional. Laws are mandatory. The law must be followed by each individual in America. The book is the Federal register. It’s published.

The book of American Laws is the largest book in the world. The extreme detail is stunning. Page 60746 regulates only 77 people in America who are Veterans who have a child or children who has spinal Bifida.

Page 60,673 imposes a 64% tax on stainless steel sinks. That is ten times greater than the sales tax but it’s hidden from view. Obama did that. He ordered it. Congress did not pass the tax increase, Obama did. His tax increase was done in the worst way, in secret. He raised taxes 19 times on page 60,673 and almost no one knows about it but whoever buys a stainless steel sink should know the value of their purchase was increased by a 64% tax on it that had to be paid by the maker before it could be sold. That’s probably twenty times  (20X) more than the profit made by the maker. The value of the money used to buy the stainless steel sink was decreased because of the tax imposed by Obama and it’s a safe bet that you will never know. It’s also a safe bet that you will never know all of the hidden taxes imposed on you by an ORDER from “The President”. The people involved in the process should be ashamed because of the burdens placed on the American people.

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