The election of Barack Hussein Obama for the second time is a testament to the decline in the ability of many voters to think for themselves. The first election of him could be considered a fluke; the election of a uniter who knew the feeling of being a minority. Elected not based on the knowledge of: who the man really is; what are his principles, (mostly hidden but partly revealed by his “Vote For Revenge” command to his intellectually blind followers), why he holds his principles and how he did it.  

The latest vote count shows 62 million voted for Obama; 59 million against, a difference of 3.2 million, almost exactly 1% of the total 314 million total population. Voter turnout was eleven million lower than in 2008 — reversing the upward trends of the past four elections — 93% of blacks, 70% of Latinos, 60% of those under 30, and 62% of single people, voted for Obama.  And white married couples over 30 years of age voted for Romney.  

Obama is a tiny thinker. His delivery is effective. It’s also sneeringly aloof, short, stacatto and artistic. “You can make it here in America if you’re willing to try,” the President said in his acceptance speech but he governs by paying people not to try. Obama is about paying voters to vote for him. He want’s to make more and more people poor so his Democratic party can continue to pay them. They know paid people vote for the party that pays them.  

Obama spent his first term inventing more payoff’s by race, gender, ethnicity and age. He split Americans into classes and purposely ignored the small, ineffective Tea Parties; the Seniors; the non-baptist Christians; the Conservative women and the old white men. Obama was elected by his black brothers and sisters and his calculated friendliness to Hispanics. In that demographic he broke the laws and gave away billions to the illegal children of illigal immigrants. Obama knew about and supported men and women who demand abortion be legal, safe and widely available. Obama enticed the votes of young white males and females by appealing to their un-intelligent, ill informed adoration of washed-up and fake intellectual celebrities like the hip-hop, pimp and drug dealer types like “The Pimp With A Limp, DJ Laz Airs”, Leno, Letterman,  Springsteen and Common. Axelrod called his boss “The Black Jesus” but Jesus kept his promises and didn’t lie. Rapper “Common” was interviewed inside the Peoples House as a dog whistle to the black community, No?

And the Media, mostly collapsed into an army of Obama punks.  Obama didn’t reach out to white Seniors, to the white voters in general – by appearing on the Rush Limbaugh show, the Glenn Beck show, with Megyn Kelly or Pamela Geller because Obama is about “Voting For Revenge” which means revenge against oppression by whites. Revenge for the British colony of his father, Kenya. Keep in mind Obama was elected partly by  many white men and white women who eschew racism but that does not mean there is no racism nor anti-racism. Obama took advantage of the support of the white Liberal Left wing, environmental, oil  and big business haters but didn’t bother to appeal to the Center or right wing.

Romney could not have appeared on the rap, hip-hop circuit.  He would not have been wanted, asked or respected. Obama could have tried to get the rap community together with the conservative community but that would have meant his idea of voting for revenge would have had no substance. Obama is about division, not togetherness. He does that well.  

A peace prize award wrongly given to a man who hates many Americans who are different while masquerading as someone who cares about everyone. He doesn’t. Perhaps he will change but he can change for the worse too. His record proves that. He’s 51 years old. He knows himself. Four more years will not change his 51 year entrenched atitude. We do not and should not expect things to get better between the races, economically or medically with a man of his destiny in control of the presidency.

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