Northampton squeezes the middle class, prevents people from moving here and keeps spending more every day. Northampton’s mostly hidden and excessive spending, (it totaled $54.5 Million in 2010), is hostile to business, drives jobs and people from Northampton with excessive fees and severe restrictions on contractors, developers and business, fees that are passed on to the citizens, and some really bad 5 to 0 decisions by all five supervisors like forcing new homes to install $12,000 all-house sprinkler systems which have a dubious benefit as well as a reputation of ruining homes more often from malfunctions. There are sensible, less expensive, non-government ways to prevent fire damage. Of course there’s a hefty fee for constant inspections. Note that the World Trade Center had fire sprinklers that failed to contain the fires. There’s the Prohibition of Solar Panels unless permission is granted and, no surprise, a fee is paid and inspections are made, of course, you guessed it, payment of more fees for the inspections. Northampton’s power and politics are mostly controlled by the Triumvirate, a Troika but there are five supervisors who work together too often to make life harder and more expensive for Northamptonites.

The 2010 election was instructive about what happens when government doesn’t serve the people but holds them hostage.

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