Crime pays. That’s the lesson from the Nov. 6th, 2012 re-election of Obama. Obama has not been charged with a crime but stealing an election by false information is an offense against humanity. Societies work because people trust other people. When that trust is broken people are harmed. If the particular offense is part of the criminal laws it’s a crime but all actions which should be crimes are not specifically in the laws. Obama violated the trust of Americans and lied about it many times. His sealed records prove to reasonable people there is information in his past that would damage his viability as a political candidate. His college records are hidden. His application(s) for grant money are sealed. His college courses are sealed so we cannot identify his professors nor can we verify their suitability or their ideologies. It’s been verified Obama not only knew about the Terrorist Attacks at Benghazi in real time, he lied about and covered-up the cause and then had Hillary and Susan Rice help spread the lie that the Terrorist Attacks were spontaneous and caused by a video. That’s purposeful deceit and dis-information. At the very least it was part of Obama’s organized propaganda campaign to fool and trick people into re-electing him. At worse it’s treason. Whatever it is, it was wrong and unfortunately he got away with it all. He should be impeached for the cover-up and for the deliberate lies.

The adoring young people who enthusiastically pay homage to this psuedo-savior were psychologically deformed into good young marxist socialists in school. Now they support a tyrant who issues Orders to avoid review of his actions by Congress. For those who disagree with Obama he does not care. He can say calmly: Your Child Belongs To Us Already. You will pass on. Your descendants however stand in our camp. Your ideas will disappear with your generation.

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