Obama told a crowd to vote for “revenge”. Revenge against whom? Romney? Romney is not the President. Revenge against America for our Liberty? Revenge for what? America’s freedom? For Obama’s college grants? Obama’ s been in charge. Should people who don’t like what he’s done vote against him out of revenge? People don’t hate Obama. They detest his policies. They want him out of office. They don’t want revenge for the harm he did to them. They just want him out of power.

We want Obama out because he abused our free enterprise system and took away many Individual Rights. We don’t want to punish him. We have a great system for removing power from presidents who step over the line. We replace them. We don’t put them on trial as some other countries do. We don’t execute them as is done in other cultures. America’s ex-presidents, even the bad ones are rewarded after power is taken from them. Bill Clinton gets paid $12 million a year for making speeches.

Americans have no need for revenge. America is not a vengeful nation and Obama needs to learn that. His “Revenge” remark sounds like something we usually hear in the school yard. We predict he will try to take back his revenge comment. Speak in haste, repent in leisure. There was a lot Obama failed to learn during his formative years and a lot he did learn that was wrong. WHo’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong? Anyone who knows what’s right.

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