Obama is about Big Government. Not just an increase in the number of people working for tax money but less individual freedom’s, fewer free markets, expensive gasoline and oil to siphon money from every individual, control of end-of-life medical decisions and more federal control of what teachers are allowed to teach. These three areas of our lives, —  fuel, doctors and propaganda along with less freedom to spend our money, support the European model without the bothersome restraints on State power. It’s an anti-American idea to allow people to choose between available state benefits, as Europe does. Obama has been good for Liberals but bad for free markets and individual choices. He has destroyed the coal business, no new coal fired electric plants, and in a second term he will kill America’s natural gas industry thereby forcing Americans to buy oil from his friends in the oil cartel, OPEC, from Chaves; from Brazil; from Mexico, Nigeria and anywhere except from America. Obama took off his lapel flag during his campaign but put it back on. He should take it off and leave for a country where he is better suited. America is worse for his presidency.

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