In 2003 President Bush gathered a 40 nation coalition and began the war in Iraq with the idea the coalition  would win – then leave. Nine years and 3,189 American dead later Obama decided to leave without winning.  

Wars aren’t won as Obama did by walking off the battlefield. Wars are won by defeating the enemy. Al-Qaeda is active. Some say al-Qaeda and the Taliban are as active as ever. Others’s say al-Qaeda is diminished. Even diminished al-Qaeda attacked America on Sept 11, 2012 at 20 locations. Al Qaeda is still at war with America and Obama walked out of Iraq and is walking out of Afghanistan without winning in either place. Obama isn’t even helping win in Tunisia, which he bombed, Egypt where’s he’s as confused as Joe Biden and where his foreign policy was never figured out.

The Vice President, Joe Biden, hardly known as a deep thinker, said during the debate with the next VP Paul Ryan that Afghanistan will never protect itself until America leaves. Biden doesn’t get it.  Afghanistan can’t protect itself. That’s why the coalition formed. To help Afghani’s resist the taliban and al-Qaeda.

The reasons for America to be in both Iraq and Afghanistan are not political but strategic. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are fighting to win in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United States. Obama made their job easier. Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan means no one is fighting al-Qaeda.  Obama’s ineptness made sure America didn’t win and that Americans everywhere are less safe than when he took office. Want proof? Try to take a safe vacation in Egypt. Tunisia. Iraq. Iran. Still think the world is safer for Americans after four years of Obama?  

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