Nov 062018

He neither gets nor likes president Trump. Reed just returned from China. You know, the place where he was followed and his hotel room including under the bed and his luggage were secretly searched multiple times and his cell phone monitored 24/7. He gets China wrong too. 

Quote, mis-spellings and all: “There is Trump with his weird eruptions. The ever-combative Nikki Haley. Steve Bannon, prophesying and hoping for war with China. Mike Pompeo, threatening Iran, threatening, Venezuela, threatening North Korea. John  Bolton of the codiece mustches, always counseling a war he won’t fight in, like Trump a drat dodger with something to prove.  The life of millions depends on this freak show? I need a drink.”

Yes he does and he should stay at the bar in Mexico where he lives which, with apologies to Mexico, is where he belongs.