Obama showed a lack of or inappropriate leadership about foreign policy and especially during the terrorist attack in Benghazi. He is hiding from the awful truth about his inaction, bad judgment, and wrong actions during the Benghazi Terrorist raid. One Navy Seal Ty Woods, defied Obama’s order to “stand down” and “ran towards the guns” to help protect people during the planned attacks. He was killed but he saved some of his friends. His colleague had painted a target with a guidence laser but no help came because neither Obama the cowering coward, the enemy of America, nor anyone in Obama’s lying, feckless administration cared enough to send in the military. A small number of defenders could have fought off the few terrorists. A few U.S. Marines, a few navel canon shots, a flyover by a supersonic fighter jet, any number of easy solutions could have saved our ambassador and three other hero’s and helped America’s foreign image.   

Charles Woods, father of hero Ty Woods, said Obama was insincere and Hillary lied to him at the ceremony receiving the bodies of the four murdered men from Benghazi. (Here). He was told a C-130 could have arrived in 45 minutes to protect the Benghazi consulate. The White House watched the attack on live T.V. but did nothing. Nothing. That’s the core value of Obama.

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