Regardiong Foreign Policy, Rham Emanual, speaking on Face The Nation 10/28, Sunday AM, said:P “the president said, to be strong at home, to be strong abroad, you must have an economic strategy built on the middle class.” Emanual got confused. Being strong abroad is not about the middle class. Nor is it about investing in roads. This guy was supposed to be smart. Emanaual continues: “the president says to get — to build America at home, invest in our schools, invest in our people, invest in our roads, our bridges and our railway and our airports. And that’s how you make an America that has a 21st Century economy, running on a 21st Century foundation.”

Emanual must think everywhere not in Chicago is foreign. He’s mixed up about whats foreign and what’s domestic. His remarks lead to things like minimum wage being a good foreign policy. Foreign policy includes strategies like have a strong intelligence presense in foreign countries, not building schools to lead the world in foreign policy.

Remininiscent of the comic characters Mutt and Jeff, and with no intention of insulting either Mutt or Jeff, Emanual and Obama couldn’t be more dazed about foreign policy. That’s why the massacres at Benghazi happened. Hapless nonsense is foreign policy to these kinds of minds.

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