So asked Greg Gutfield, one of Fox News “The Five”. Early on he asked who told Hillary? Who told Susan Rice, – to blame the video. Rice is the American Ambassador to the U.N., a position that will not say anything unless and until told what to say by the President or the Presidents people. Who told Susan Rice to lie about the video being the cause of the riot in Benghazi? Who told David Axelrod, one of the Presidents consistant mouthpieces and the most notorious liar on behalf of the President to lie about the video? Who told Susan Rice and Axelrod to get on the Sunday Talk shows and lie about the video? Answer? Only President Obama could have told them to lie and he followed his own false narrative when he addressed the U.N. and told his whopper to the world.

So Obama pushed the video as the cause of the Benghazi murders and he got caught by Rush, by Fox News, by The Five, by Bill O’Reilly and by Bill O’Neill. When he realized he was caught in lots of his own lies about the video he pivoted, as only Obama can do. He decided to put off the issue until after the election, an election he is destined to lose unless he can mis-count the votes. Who wants to say the cheaters don’t win? Obama won and just as many people helped Tony Soprano, too many people are willing to help a liar succeed.

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